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In the vibrant world of Indian startups, IT & Tech leaders where over 70,000 dreams are transformed into reality, we proudly present the 2nd Super 40 Digital Native Awards, 2024. This summit is a celebration of the ambitious visions and relentless efforts of startups across diverse sectors such as technology, sustainability, and e-commerce. We are here to share their inspiring stories, cheer for their bravery, and encourage more people to chase their dreams. Super 40 Digital Native Awards, 2024 are all about supporting and celebrating these incredible journeys, reminding us all of the power of dreaming big and working hard.

Award Categories

  • ↠ Best Technology Startup of the Year
  • ↠ Best Healthtech Startup
  • ↠ Fintech Startup Distinction of Excellence
  • ↠ Best B2B Startup
  • ↠ Leading Blockchain Startup
  • ↠ Startup with Exceptional Innovation
  • ↠ Best Social Impact Startup
  • ↠ Most Innovative Concept
  • ↠ Outstanding Media & Entertainment Startup
  • ↠ Cybersecurity and Risk Management in B2B Environments
  • ↠ B2B Marketing Strategies for the Digital Age
  • ↠ B2B Entrepreneur of the Year
  • ↠ Outstanding Drone Tech Startup
  • ↠ Outstanding Mobility Startup
  • ↠ Top Travel Startup
  • ↠ Best use of AI

  • ↠ Woman Entrepreneur with best vision
  • ↠ Founder with Exceptional Leadership
  • ↠ Young Entrepreneur with Outstanding Vision
  • ↠ Changemakers in Social Entrepreneurship

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 Digital Native Awards
 Individual Awards