Millennium Plaza Downtown Hotel, Dubai

About The Event

ObserveNow Education Leaders Conclave & Awards ( ELCA ) is Back And Bigger Than Ever!

The 5th Edition of ELCA (Education Leaders Conclave and Awards) on 8th Feb 2024 will be a grand opening to a new year and new perspectives in Education. This Education Summit will set a global benchmark on how the Education industry is transforming across the globe . The mega Summit will bring together stakeholders in the education, ed-tech industry and create a framework to shape the future of generations to come. This full day summit will focus on innovation, technologies and startups/companies that in their core are committed to building products and services to enhance the global quality of education.

This Summit consolidates Dubai as a rising Ed-tech hub of startup innovation, a centerstage for visionary thinkers and ObserveNow at the helm of that change.

ObserveNow ELCA series has been a prominent platform enabling discussions & collaborations to unlock growth possibilities in the sector. After successfully organising 300+ customised roundtables & 15+ full day events, now coming again with another edition of Education Leaders Conclave & Awards on 8th February in Dubai aims to unlock fresh strategies and foster new approaches to build a future-ready education ecosystem.

The theme of this edition of the summit is “ Elevating Education in the Digital Age: Global Perspectives in EdTech “. It aims to shed light on the transformative impact of technology on education and the global efforts to leverage these advancements to create a more accessible, personalised, and effective learning environment for learners of all ages and backgrounds.

Join purpose-driven leaders & edtech experts at the premium networking experience event of deep learning, and exclusive networking!

Why Dubai?

The education landscape in Dubai serves the diverse communities of over 200 nationalities that live and work in the city. Leveraging innovations and a forward-looking approach, it offers world-class educational institutions with various curricula and programs. The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is the government entity responsible for the growth and quality check of private education in Dubai

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Discussion Points


Ed-tech, Innovation, Investment

World Class Technologies in Ed-Tech

Fostering Education Ties between India & Dubai

Future of Ed-Tech

Digital Learning Modules and Implementations


Web 3.0 and Disruption in Learning

Leveraging Data Sovereignty for Enhanced Teaching & Learning Outcomes


Key Participants

200+ Educational Institutes
100+ Speakers
100+ Start-ups
50+ Ed-tech
20+ Investors
10+ countries
50+ exhibitors

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Key Speakers

Evandro Oliveira

Dr. Salah Tahir Alhaj


Ankit Sarwahi

Basem Abu Dagga

Piyush Surana

Faiz Mayalakkara, FCA

Tom Hodgson

Thomas Kuruvilla

Amit Zutshi

Dr. Navin M Valrani

Reekrit Serai

Aditya Malik

Higher Education Speakers

Taniya Tikoo

Dr. Mahendra Sharma

Dr. Rana Sawaya

Dr. Sahana Madan

Prof. Zeinelabidin Rizk

Dr. Sherief Khalifa

Dr. Marko Selakovic

Dr. Sudhindra Shamanna

Prof. Abhilasha Singh

Prof. Khalid Khawaja

Prof. Dima Rachid Jamali

Prof. Sherine Farouk

Dr. Nasser Almuraqab

Dr. Richa Arora

Prof. Dr. Biswajoy Chatterjee

Dr. Amir Zeid

Dr. Harpal Thethi

Dr. Mohammad Al Hassan

Dr. Nikolina Ljepava

Shahbaz Siddiqui

Poorva Shrivastava

Ramana Telidevara

Sumesh Nair

Karan Shah

Varun Chopra

Bikash Sahoo

School Speakers

Matthew Burfield​

Glen Radojkovich

Andrew Turner

Naira Hamdy​

Jim Pastore

Dr. Anjuli Murthy

Dr. Sharafudeen Thanikatt

Asha Alexander

Dr. Beno Kurien

Dr Pramod Mahajan

Katie Wichser

Dr. Jennifer Ricks

Saba Imtiaz

Ms. Daizy Paul

Rania Amaireh ​

Natalia Svetenok​

Hussaina Begum Noor Sherieff

Ms. Abhilasha Singh

Suad Abu Harb

Jeff Evans

Andrew Smyllie

Kyle Knott

Sulaiman Akbar

Rachael Wilding

Rebecca Graves

Manish Naidu

Taylor Elizabeth

Abdallah Muhana Jamil


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