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Companies from diverse sectors including renewable energy, sustainable infrastructure, clean technology, finance, policy advocacy, and more are encouraged to participate in the CleanTech Energy Summit & Expo. Whether you're a startup pioneering innovative clean energy solutions or an established player driving sustainability initiatives, this event offers valuable networking opportunities and insights to propel your organization forward. Click and see in which sector your company falls into-


Solar Energy

  •  Photovoltaic (PV) panels
  •  Solar thermal technologies
  •  Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) systems
  •  Solar tracking systems
  •  Thin-film solar cells
  •  Solar energy storage solutions

Wind Energy

  •  Wind turbines (onshore and offshore)
  •  Wind farm design and management
  •  Wind energy forecasting
  •  Wind turbine components and materials
  •  Wind energy storage solution

Biomass Energy

  •  Biomass power plants
  •  Biomass boilers and stoves
  •  Biofuels production
  •  Anaerobic digestion systems
  •  Biomass feedstock sources and sustainability

Geothermal Energy

  •  Geothermal power plants
  •  Geothermal heat pumps
  •  Enhanced geothermal systems (EGS)
  •  Direct use applications of geothermal energy
  •  Geothermal exploration and drilling technologies

Energy Storage

  •  Battery technologies (e.g., lithium-ion, flow batteries)
  •  Pumped hydro storage
  •  Compressed air energy storage (CAES)
  •  Flywheel energy storage
  •  Thermal energy storage systems

Grid Integration and Management

  •  Smart grid technologies
  •  Demand response systems
  •  Grid-scale energy management solutions
  •  Grid interconnection standards and regulations
  •  Microgrid development and deployment

Energy Efficiency and Conservation

  •  Energy-efficient appliances and lighting
  •  Building insulation and design
  •  HVAC systems and controls
  •  Energy management software
  •  Industrial energy efficiency solutions

Policy, Finance, and Education

  •  Renewable energy policy and regulation
  •  Government incentives and subsidies
  •  Financing mechanisms for renewable energy projects
  •  Renewable energy education and training programs
  •  Sustainable development initiatives